#furlessfurcollar is a woollen collar that can be worn with any other outfit.

Fashion industry has a bad habit of exploiting everyone and everything possible. Just name it: sweatshop workers, child labourers, unpaid trainees, too young and skinny models not to even mention polluting land, water and air.

When we won’t respect even human rights we really don’t give a second thought to animal rights. Fur animals live and die for pure vanity. Not that we’d need their fur to keep us warm anymore. Fur trimmings and collars are just decorating clothes with dead animals.

In Furless Fur Collar I wanted to create something undoubtedly pretty, fluffy and frivolous. And not to harm anyone.

Collar is made of surplus yarn and thread with punchneedle tool with approximately 10 000 punches.


During Helsinki Design Week 5 -15 September 2019 lending service is available only in Helsinki, Finland because the reserved items must be collected and returned in person at Liike Shop, Fredrikinkatu 24, Helsinki.

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